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Franklin Engines ~ Parts for Sale

Engine just for viewing only, not for sale, sorry!

As of ... 02-09-2012
Cleaning out the Hanger ... $8000.00 Takes All!!

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I will be adding a couple of pics soo

Flottorp Propeller #A25421E M#76CC51 TC-754 P-406 W/ Spinner Assy
McCauley Fixed Propeller #DM7357 TC 857
Sensenich Fixed Propeller #76EM85- 0 -60
Bendix Magento 2 – Type S6RN-21
Eisemann Magneto 2 – Type LA6
Declo Starter 1 – 1109651 S#957 1-1109659 S#183
Delco Generator – 1-1101877 S#2994 1-1101877 S#2846
Marvel Carburetor A10 2971 & Carburetor Box
Oil Cooler
Control System w/o Dual Brake
4 Brake Master Cylinder
Exhaust – 2 Mufflers 2-Perforated Tube- Tail Pipes 1-RH/1-LH
1 Engine Core w/ Cylinders & Valves & Crankshaft w/ Engine Mount
1 Engine Core w/ 3 Cylinder & Valves & Crankshaft
1 Crankcase 165HP
Goodyear Aerospace B
rake – Kit # 9521239
Stinson Brake6.00-6


210 Helicopter Extras for Sale ~ 6V335
Have all these extras plus some for only $7000.00
The pictures don't do the lot justice! There is a ton of goodies here! Also included but not pictured is 14, yes 14 used cylinders (not sure if they have pistons in them or not), a nice size lot of mag drives, oil tanks, oil pumps, rockers arms, valve covers, push rods/tubes, and other items... Please remember offers like this go super fast so please act fast if you are serious. Thanks, April - Posted 2/9/12
Call (903) 626-5210 for more info. or shot us an e-mail at april@franklinparts.com

      Sun-N-Fun 2012

We are gearing up to head east for the big show! We are trying to set up shop in NE#16! I will confirm that booth soon!  - Its confirmed!

Internet Offer Only! Get It Now    Stinson 108-2 Fully Restored by Butch Walch

I'm over stocked on all of our MAIN BEARINGS!
So I'm running a special on them! $450.00 gets you a
set! They usually run $1100-$1400 with the rod and cam
so, I'm sure you can do the math and see what a deal

this is! Plus, if you order this right now I'm going to

add a FREE CD with the manuals in pdf. format on it!
Plus, because I'm super cool I will ship the set and the CD
Priority Mail for FREE! So yeah that's a pretty awesome deal!
Get it before they fly off the shelf and the stock is not over-

stocked anymore!! Just the calendar for the dates!

1947 Stinson 108-2 Before Picture!


Due to fuel starvation this aircraft suffered a severe crash in the mountains of White Springs W. VA. 10 years later Butch Walsh rebuilt and restored it to near new condition.

On May 8, 1995, a previous owner got to fly 9818K that he had flown 36 years before. He flew this Stinson around the perimeter of the 48 states with a stop in Oshkosh, WI, to win the "Bronze Lindy Award" in August 1995. That summer it was flown 10,000 miles in almost 100 hours.

Butch Walsh was one of the grandfathers when it comes to the Franklin engine! He is a legend and known for his precision, expertise, and quality of work. Not only did he work on engines, but he did complete restorations as well. Butch passed away in the summer of 2006 (I believe) and will forever be remembered as one of the best in the business, in addition to being a dear friend to our family!